Doodling: UIStackview

I was finding it difficult to remember UIStackview properties, especially the distribution and alignment, and where we can use content hugging priority or compression resistance to tweak the layout to our liking. As I was reading through the Apple Documentation (highly recommend) I started taking these notes on my iPad. Here is a PDF Note […]

Flutter, my experience

It is always interesting to start learning a new programming language, the challenge brings with it some excitement and a sense of optimism for opportunities not yet realised, new projects or even new jobs. For me, it was the possibility of developing mobile applications for Android, and not going through the torture of re-learning Java […]

Experiment with smaller posts

Update: I failed terribly ? I’ve always wanted to write a blog, but I’ve found that time and motivation to be lacking. That said, I’ve been consistently writing smaller TIL (Today I learnt) notes, either on a physical notepad or on the computer. I have therefore decided to undertake a small experiment and see if […]