Experiment with smaller posts

Update: I failed terribly 😭 I’ve always wanted to write a blog, but I’ve found that time and motivation to be lacking. That said, I’ve been consistently writing smaller TIL (Today I learnt) notes, either on a physical notepad or on the computer. I have therefore decided to undertake a small experiment and see if […]

10 lessons from side projects

Experience might vary I’ve had a side project or two for as far as I could program. It’s on rare occasions that I would find myself completely free of anything to do, be it at work or on my own free time. Therefore I would like to share my knowledge on what I learnt about […]

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog, a collection of my musing on technology. Posts will be about tech and programming, but on the off chance I am a bit moody, there could be insane rants ending in tears and regrets.