Shipping Swipr

Swipr is the new app I have been working on. It’s also the quickest I’ve shipped an app (~3 weeks + apple review), it also happens to be the product am least proud of, why is that you ask? Swipr is entirely based on hacking an existing product and provides no foreseeable benefit to the greater good of humanity, but eff that, all you want is a date right? well then, long story short, it’s a Tinder hack. If you are a chronic swiper on Tinder, then just give your fingers a rest and let Swipr take the lead.

The app took about 10 days to develop, got rejected twice by apple (entirely my fault) and I also had my 9-5 job. Its now been on the store for a couple of days and the downloads are steady, but not overly exciting, I have not tweeted or told anyone about it so far, and this blog right here is my bit of ‘marketting’.

This project is more of an experiment, I am developing an app not for my need but for a larger market, all my other side projects have been projects I perfonally found useful, not so much this one. I’ll post the progress and stats as time goes

In the mean time, give me your money (only £0.69)