New project for September

I have always been facinated by programming so much so that I’ve made a career out of it. The one thing that I do to keep my motivational levels high is taking on side projects, any good dev will admit to almost always having a side project going on, and I am no exception.

This project I am working on is a bit old actually. I’ve had to rescue it from the infamous hard-disk of death, better known as my backup drive where once a project enters, it rarely ever ships.

The project I am working on is a Tube Status app for London, I know what you are thinking, not one of those again, we’ve got a bunch of this shit already we don’t need another one. This particular one has a twist though, like no other app on the store, this one is anything but polite. Take a peek at the screen shots below.

Also, I am collecting e-mails to judge interest, if I reach a certain magic number (haven’t decided what it is yet) and I shall only embark on the development if its viable, my time could be better spent on app that more people will find useful. So here is the link. signup

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