10 lessons from side projects

Experience might vary I’ve had a side project or two for as far as I could program. It’s on rare occasions that I would find myself completely free of anything to do, be it at work or on my own free time. Therefore I would like to share my knowledge on what I learnt about […]

How I hacked Tinder (and the app store)

As I wrote in my previous post, I created an app called Swipr, it’s a simple tinder hack for those obsessive right swipers out there. It’s been 5 days since the app went live and this is my summary so far. Why did I do it? What made me do it you ask? I went […]

Shipping Swipr

Swipr is the new app I have been working on. It’s also the quickest I’ve shipped an app (~3 weeks + apple review), it also happens to be the product am least proud of, why is that you ask? Swipr is entirely based on hacking an existing product and provides no foreseeable benefit to the […]

New project for September

I have always been facinated by programming so much so that I’ve made a career out of it. The one thing that I do to keep my motivational levels high is taking on side projects, any good dev will admit to almost always having a side project going on, and I am no exception. This […]

Building a NewsCrawler: pt1

#Introduction This tutorial/walk through assumes that you are already familiar with python and the terminal. I would also strongly advice anyone remotely interested in understanding scrapy to have a look at their documentation and preferably follow the quick tutorial and setup instruction outlined. The example in the documentation is a simple spider. Basic spiders are […]

Introduction: Scraping a news website

##Introduction The first project that I ever wanted to build when I was learning to program for mobile was a news app for my university paper Leeds Student. I got started, but I soon realised that an app like that requires more than a Objective-C know-how. ###Motivation I wanted to experiment with a new programming […]

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog, a collection of my musing on technology. Posts will be about tech and programming, but on the off chance I am a bit moody, there could be insane rants ending in tears and regrets.